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Partners for Education

Partners For Education is a combined effort of HPSP (a Guilford Education Alliance initiative) and GCS, to support the success of High Point Schools by developing impactful, sustainable, and mutually beneficial partnerships between individual schools and local businesses, industries, civic, church, and community groups.

Why you should become a partner :

The quality and well-being of our public school system are key factors in the economic growth and the future of our community. Strong partnerships between local schools, businesses, and community groups can help ensure that High Point Schools are supporting the cities mission to be the single most livable, safe, and prosperous community in America.

Partner Benefits

  • Positive exposure and brand recognition with students, school staff, parents and the community
  • Skill development among employees involved in partnership activities
  • The opportunity to become actively involved in educating the future workforceImproved pride and morale among the business workforce
  • Tax write off for all donations
  • Recognition of partnership by the individual school, Guilford Education Alliance, Guilford County Schools.
  • School Benefits

  • Support for students and staff
  • Academic enrichment, motivation, encouragement, and incentives
  • Family and community engagement
  • Service learning, field trips, and career exploration opportunities
  • Positive community relationships and advocacy
  • How to become a Partner

    Step 1: Complete the Partner Application

    This application will aid HPSP in assisting partners to identify which school has needs that match the resources and desire of impact for each potential partner

    Step 2: Attend meeting with school rep and HPSP Coordinator

    This meeting will allow an opportunity for the designated reps of each party to establish a relationship and gain an understanding of each parties desires and needs to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership

    Step 3: Execute agreed upon partnership arrangement

    Potential partnership opportunities


  • Ongoing volunteer: Mentoring, tutoring, hall monitor, or recurring events
  • One-Time volunteer: Speaker, school events, or special school projects (Science fair, Field day, etc.)
  • Site visits, job shadowing, internships
  • Donate: In- Kind

  • Supplies, equipment, food, and or refreshments
  • Appreciation meals or gifts for school staff
  • Student achievement incentives
  • Services or Discounts
  • Sponsor

  • Special Events
  • Field Trips
  • Holiday Assistance
  • School Fundraisers
  • Student Awards