Powered by Business High Point — Chamber of Commerce and the High Point Community Foundation.


High Point Schools Partnership (HPSP) is an initiative affiliated with Guilford Education Alliance (GEA).  It was started in 2019 when community leaders led by Business High Point and the High Point Community Foundation began to explore ways to promote, strengthen and advocate for great schools in High Point. 

Partnership members are part of an ever-growing and diverse group –  business leaders, community leaders, elected officials, philanthropists, educators, parents, grandparents, and others – who know that great schools are the foundation of a thriving community.  HPSP works to build impactful connections between GCS schools and the wider High Point community, celebrate excellence in GCS students and educators in High Point, and advocate for fully-funding our schools.  

The High Point School Partnership Vision: Shape the City of High Point to be a community that in all ways supports academic excellence in our schools, preparing our students for the college and/or career tracks that will allow them to be skilled workers, engaged citizens, and civic leaders.

The High Point Schools Partnership Mission: Mobilize the High Point community – our businesses, civic groups, religious organizations, and government – around the common purpose of partnering with our schools to bring them and the students they serve to their full potential.

The High Point Schools Partnership Areas of Focus:

  1. Build impactful connection between the community and GCS schools in High Point through partnerships and programs. 
  2. Celebrate the achievements of GCS students, educators and schools in High Point.
  3. Support the recruitment, retention, and rewarding of excellent GCS teachers and administrators in High Point.
  4. Advocate for fully funding our schools.