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When Teachers are Teachable: Extraordinary Educator Meagan Smoot

Check out what is new on High Point Discovered’s blog today! When it comes to being a good teacher, the best know you first have to be teachable! That’s what has made Meagan Smoot, fifth-grade math and science teacher at Parkview Village Elementary School an Extraordinary Educator. “Growth is just as important as proficiency,” Meagan tells her students. “Celebrate the small victories towards your target because the more you own and acknowledge the smaller achievements, the more you’ll trust yourself to keep pushing and learning the skills needed to reach bigger goals.”

Crystal Gregory, the principal at Parkview Village Elementary School, says Meagan “is a caring teacher who is dedicated to student growth and achievement.”

As for Meagan, she says she loves to expect the unexpected when it comes to walking into her classroom each day. Incorporating the idea of holistically teaching her students, Meagan works to incorporate relationship-building, various learning styles, and real-world experiences into her lessons.

“The reactions that I receive when I present new ideas and concepts to my young learners simply engrossed and motivates me to continue introducing them to the endless possibilities of what rich instruction can bring to the classroom each day,” she says.

You can support Meagan and her students at Parkview Village Elementary School by contributing to her Extraordinary Educator Amazon Wishlist.