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Executive Council Story: Dawn Spencer

High Point Schools Partnership is highlighting members of our Executive Council. Keep reading to learn more about Program Coordinator, Dawn Spencer.

Q: Give us some background. Where are you from? Where did you go to school? What was your career path to get here?

A: I was born in High Point, grew up in Jamestown NC, Cocoa Beach FL, and Melbourne FL. I graduated from Guilford College with a double major in elementary education and psychology then received my Master of Educational Leadership from UNCG. I taught elementary and middle school for 10 years in GCS, then moved into school administration where I spent most of my time as principal of Allen Jay Elementary. After retiring, I joined the High Point Schools Partnership in 2019.

Q: What is your primary occupation/job title?

A: HPSP program coordinator-but I will always be a teacher and principal at heart. 

Q: Why is the work of HPSP important to you?

A: Strong public schools are the cornerstone of our democracy. It takes everyone’s support – the family, the school, and the community – to ensure that each student receives a solid foundation for success and citizenship. HPSP makes the critical connections needed to support High Point schools. I love being an advocate for educators and students!

Q: What are your hopes for HPSP?

A: HPSP has made great strides in celebrating the accomplishments of High Point students and teachers. HPSP will continue to be a source of information, encouragement, and connection between our public schools and the community. In the future, I look forward to making more meaningful and sustained partnerships between schools and community leaders so that every school has a dedicated group of champions. 

Q: The city of High Point is in a phase of “revitalization”. What do you think this will look like when it is complete? What role do schools play in this process?

A: Revitalization will be complete when High Point can offer the best education, health care, and career opportunities to every citizen. Schools play a critical role in High Point’s revitalization process because they grow and attract our future leaders. Great communities need great schools, and great schools need great communities.

Q: Is there anything we haven’t asked yet that you want to share with our community?

A: I am the proud mom of a junior at Penn-Griffin School for the Arts.

Thank you so much to Dawn for telling us a little more about yourself and why our work is meaningful to you. We look forward to hearing about more of the great things you do for the High Point Schools Partnership!

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