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Executive Council Story: Giselle Mansi

High Point Schools Partnership is highlighting members of our Executive Council. Keep reading to learn more about Giselle Mansi.

Q: Give us some background. Where are you from? Where did you go to school? What was your career path to get here?

A: Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Grew up in Miami, FL, and I have been living in High Point for the past 15 years or so. I graduated from High Point University with a B.A in Elementary Education and a year later with an M.Ed. in Education. 

After graduation, I taught for a number of years here in High Point. Later, I had the opportunity to transition into Higher Education and became a Success Coach at High Point University. Over a year ago, I took a leap of faith and jumped into the nonprofit world as the Director of the Latino Family Center at the YWCA in High Point. 

Q: What is your primary occupation/job title?

A: Director, YWCA’s Latino Family Center

Q: Why is the work of HPSP important to you?

A: As a former educator, and still an educator at heart, I find it extremely important to still be able to support our schools, teachers, and students. To be able to still support our schools, their staff, and their students is something that I truly value. Moreover, being able to bring awareness to our stakeholders and the community of the great things that are happening in our schools is equally important. I am a big believer that there is great power in numbers! By engaging our community, our families, and our schools together, great things are bound to happen. We are just one pillar of so many other community organizations that help support the marvelous work that is happening here in our schools.

Q: What are your hopes for HPSP?

A: To continue growing and engaging more supporters in this work. There is so much opportunity for individuals, businesses, community agencies, etc. to help in this endeavor. Continuing to hold conversations with district leaders, school staff, and the many agencies that work in the education arena is vital. Moreover, I’m excited to continue showcasing the successes of our schools and their students. Lastly, to continue being a strong advocate and cheerleader for our schools!

Q: The city of High Point is in a phase of “revitalization” what do you think this will look like when it is complete? What role do schools play in this process?

A: The revitalization phase that we are currently in is quite exciting. I moved to High Point about 15 years ago when the Palladium didn’t even exist yet—  crazy to think, right? Over the last decade, the city of High Point has been steadily growing and continues to grow!  This effort has allowed many major companies to come in and open shop right here with us. As we think about the future of High Point and its growth, we should also think of our schools and how this also plays a part in this growth. As members of this community, we need to continue advocating and supporting our schools. Nevertheless, instead of complaining about what people are doing or not doing, we should really look inward and ask ourselves– what am I doing to support the efforts of the school/district in my community?

Q: Is there anything we haven’t asked yet that you want to share with our community? 

A: It takes a village to have a thriving city and equally thriving schools… It may seem like we all do “”our own thing”” but when you zoom in and look at the details in each area, you will find that we are all somehow connected to one another. I would not be able to do the work that I do without the help of so many partner organizations. 

In my teaching days, it took many of us (teachers, counselors, families, administration, volunteers, etc.)  to help 1 child. Think about how this translates in your field of experience.

Thank you so much to Giselle for telling us a little more about yourself and why our work is meaningful to you. We look forward to hearing about more of the great things you do for the High Point Schools Partnership!

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