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Extraordinary Leader: Kendrick Alston

The High Point Schools Partnership had the privilege of sitting down and talking with Kendrick Alston, principal of Shadybrook Elementary School. In his second year with Guilford County Schools, Dr. Alston is eager to learn about all our city has to offer. He served 13 years in his previous district, 5 of those years were spent teaching in a Title 1 school with a 97% poverty rate. Dr. Alston has taught as a 5th-grade math teacher and has served as Assistant Principal in a Title I/High Needs/3rd-5th grade school. His principal experience before Shadybrook includes serving in a Prek-5th and Prek-2nd elementary school. During the 2020-2021 school year, Dr. Alston served as one of the Assistant Principals at Allen Middle School here in GCS.

Though Dr. Alston has worked in a number of challenging environments, he has left each with an unwavering belief that, regardless of student background, all students can learn through quality instruction. As a new member of the Shadybrook staff and community, Dr. Alston feels that it is important to learn about the history of this great school and community, while also looking forward to embracing the evolution of our school and community dynamics. This belief inspired his goal of learning about his community to understand what resources are available for the students and families. 

Alston told us about so many great projects and goals that have been circulating the halls of Shadybrook. The first was a book club for 4th-grade transitional students. This is a chance for students to get more practice reading books that are of interest to them in a safe and encouraging space. Dr. Alston shared a goal he has been prioritizing that focuses on consistent language and frameworks between grades. During their “SOAR” time, students across grade levels will be engaged in different focus areas. These include teacher groups, independent reading/writing, vocabulary development, and access to technology instructional resources. Dr. Alston and the staff will be working collaboratively to identify ways that the school can continue to align best practices across all grade levels for the betterment of all students. In addition to these efforts, Dr. Alston told us how a tutor position paid for by Title I funds, will now serve as an Early Learning Interventionists and provide small-group intense help to ensure all students progress together.

Thank you Kendrick for sitting down and talking with us. We look forward to continuing to talk with and highlight different High Point principals and all the good going on at their school.