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Spotlight Story: International Exchange Teacher

High Point Schools Partnership is highlighting Oak Hill Elementary School. Keep reading to learn more about their international exchange teacher, Yanique Jones

Q: Tell us about yourself. Where are you from, where did you go to school? Give us as much background as you wish.

A: Hello, I am Yanique Jones, a 27-year-old educator from Kingston, Jamaica. I have been teaching for five years now after earning my Bachelor of Education Degree in Primary Education at St Joseph Teacher College. I am currently teaching grade 5 students Science at Oak Hill Elementary School as I strive to continue my dream and passion for educating students to excel in their future endeavors. Besides being an educator, I like to travel, do DIY, and dance.

Q: What program did you use to come to Oak Hill? Why did you choose to teach abroad?

A: I decided to expand my teaching methodologies and experience by applying to teach overseas. I was allowed to teach in the United States of America by applying to Global Teaching Partners. This experience has allowed me to learn about various cultures outside of my beautiful country. In addition, I can share my unique and diverse culture with students, colleagues, and friends. It is such a blessing to be a part of a school population with students from various cultures.

The teaching-learning expectation is very similar to Jamaica. However, here students have more access to resources, especially technology such as the internet and individual devices to support teaching and learning. Nonetheless, my country is working very hard to have these resources available in all schools.

Q: How do your students respond to having an international teacher? Do you see a difference in the students here and in your home country?

A: My students are enthused and curious about my culture. Most of the students share with me that they love my accent, and so they often try to learn words from our dialect in Jamaica (patois). I also enjoy learning words from other languages from my students.

Q: What would you like other teachers to know who is planning to teach abroad?

A: Teaching here in the US has taught me a lot. It is an opportunity I would love for my colleagues in Jamaica who desire to teach overseas to experience. The support here is excellent from the administration and colleagues. You will be provided with a wide range of technology and resources to support teaching and learning. Additionally, you will get training sessions to help you as a teacher to grow more professionally.

Q: What else would you like to share with the community? Anything I haven’t asked yet?

A: I want to give a special thanks to my Principal, vice-principal, and coworkers, especially the grade five (5) team. They all welcome me to Oak Hill with smiles and a tower of support.

Thank you so much to Yanique Jones, for sharing her story. We look forward to hearing about more great things from Oak Hill Elementary School!

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