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Southwest Guilford High School basketball players celebrate championship win while teammate recovers in hospital

HIGH POINT, N.C. — There was a mix of emotions at Southwest Guilford High School on Monday.

Players returned to class after their championship game this weekend.

“Everyone is coming up to you and saying congratulations,” said Miles Taylor, a basketball player at the school.

While they receive the praise, classmates are also sending their prayers.

“It’s been pretty emotional and we’re fighting for him,” said Cameron Thompson, a teammate.

Head basketball coach Guy Shavers told us Monday that Christian Martin is awake, talking a little bit, but he is pretty disoriented.

“He is trying to put it all together and put it into perspective,” Shavers said.

He says the senior basketball player is still recovering from hitting his head. It happened when he missed a dunk at a basketball game more than a week ago.

Since then, Christian’s classmates and community members have rallied behind him, even hosting a fundraiser.

“When he was gone everything was different,” Taylor said. “The games were different. The practices were different.”

To get his players motivated before the championship game this weekend, Shavers said he shared some good news he got from Christian’s mom.

“She sent me a text that he opened his eyes and he asked for a quarter pounder with cheese,” Shavers said.

“It lifted our spirits… letting us know that he’s awake and kind of active a little,” said Keyshaun Langley, a teammate.

Now after taking the win, they’re looking forward to the day Christian can come back and share his personality with them again. It is already starting to come back.

“Just this morning I got a text from his mom and he makes this like Scooby Doo type face so I said I’m going to do my little impression when I get the chance because I just love Scooby growing up. I can’t wait to mess with him a little bit like that,” Shavers said.

Shavers says Christian will likely be in the hospital for a couple more weeks for observation.

A GoFundMe account created for him has already raised more than $10,000.