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Students keep learning through laptop donations

GUILFORD COUNTY – Nearly 100 laptops soon will be in the hands of Guilford County Schools students who lack technology at home to enable online learning.

With a poverty rate of 65.7%, many local students don’t have a computer at home, according to the Guilford Education Alliance. To help bridge that gap, the alliance teamed up with High Point-based nonprofit Technology for the Future to start the Laptop Project right after schools closed due to the pandemic. The company reconditions laptops for resale and is working with GEA to provide up to 10,000 laptops to Guilford students. Local education leaders are identifying students who need laptops and facilitating the distribution. So far, 2,000 laptops have been given out and another 4,200 are in production.

Parents who need laptops for home use should contact their children’s schools.

Brady Services recently donated 92 laptops to the Laptop Project. After Technology for the Future reconditions the devices, they will be given to students. The company had upgraded its computers at its Greensboro office and was left with a surplus of laptops it no longer needed.

“We were all too happy to contribute to make sure that needs of Guilford County Schools students across the county were met during this unprecedented crisis,” said Matt Bowen, vice president of IT for Brady.

Anyone wishing to donate to the Laptop Project can make an online contribution at www.GEANC.org/donate or mail a check to GEA 311 Ponoma Drive, Suite E, Greensboro, NC 27407. A process to receive donations of individual laptops is under development and will be announced later at GEANC.org.

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