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Extraordinary Educator: April Glover

April Glover, Southwest Guilford Middle School, awarded High Point Extraordinary Educator by the High Point School Schools Partnership at High Point Country Club, High Point, N.C., Friday, August 20, 2021. (Lynn Hey photo)

2021 Extraordinary Educators: April Glover

Great communities have great schools. High Point Schools Partnership creates impactful connections between our schools and the wider community to ensure students and their families are supported and can reach their full potential in High Point schools.

Part of High Point Schools Partnerships’ mission is to improve the image of our schools through storytelling. Who better to tell the stories of High Point’s schools than the people experiencing it first-hand? In this series of eight articles, we will highlight our 2021 High Point Extraordinary Educators as we dive deeper into what keeps them motivated in the face of constant challenges.

April Glover

April Glover started her career at Southwest Guilford Middle School in the mid-1990s and returned to the school in 2017. She loves “the Southwest community” and has “enjoyed working with many students, families, leaders, and amazing co-workers throughout the years.”

Southwest Guilford Middle School’s principal, Arlisa Armond, says “Mrs. April Glover is a graceful, connective, and insightful educational leader who effectively connects with students and colleagues. She guides us all to greater heights. Laser-focused and passionate, Mrs. Glover is always looking for new opportunities to contribute to the growth of students, staff, and structures of our school.”

Q: What inspired you to become an educator?

A: My family and many teachers along the way who took the time to truly care about me, build relationships and invest in who I could become, modeled for me how serving others could impact lives. These people truly cared about me. Caring about others and selflessly serving others continues to inspire me daily as an educator. My “bucket” gets filled by helping others whether it’s in the classroom or out in the community.

Q: What’s your teaching/leadership style?

A: To sum it up in one word, relationships! Building good relationships is the key to everything in life. Students want to feel valued just as much as adults do. When we take the time to invest in the lives of others through our conversations and acts of serving others, we build trust, confidence, and self-worth. Think about it, isn’t it easier to do your best when you are surrounded by people who believe in you, people who equip you with the tools you need, and people who encourage you to become a better version of yourself?

Q: Do you have a classroom motto or philosophy you abide by? Why?

A: Treat others the way you want to be treated. Always be kind, helpful, loving, supportive, understanding, caring, considerate, respectful, and patient. If we all live by this and strive to do this every single day, our classroom becomes a safe place for students to learn, make mistakes, and have the opportunity to grow from those mistakes. Our classrooms can model these behaviors and then hopefully students will carry this with them and continue to positively impact our communities for many years to come.

Q: What’s your favorite part about every day?

A: The best part of my day is being with the students! The more time I have to build a relationship with them, the better. Students need teachers and other adults in their lives that they can trust, that care about them and believe they can succeed. When others believe you can, you start to gain confidence and truly believe that you can succeed too. This is so important for all students.

Q: What’s your most memorable moment as an educator?

A: This is a tough question because there have been so many! I’ve spent many years in the classroom, in leadership roles, and helping coach sports. My favorite memorable moments definitely include building strong relationships, working hard but having a good time, and being able to laugh with my students. These times make the moments when a student finally “gets it” and you see that smile and confidence emerging even sweeter.

Mrs. Glover wishes she could tell her students and their parents, “Thank you for partnering with me, trusting me with your children, and for being willing to help them grow in so many ways. Students, thank you for striving to treat others the way you want to be treated, working hard even when you didn’t want to, for believing in yourself, for asking questions, and for never giving up. These qualities will take you far in life and if you apply them to everything you do, you most certainly will achieve your hopes and dreams. If you ever need anything, I’m here for you.”

Thank you so much to April Glover for your dedication to High Point’s students. Congratulations on being selected as your school’s 2021 Extraordinary Educator!

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Article written by High Point Schools Partnership Staff