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Staff Spotlight Gallary

As we work to share the great things our schools do we can’t forget about the great people that make it happen! HPSP will be working to put out weekly staff spotlight stories to share a little about the people in the school building that often go unrecognized but are so important!

We will be gathering all of the highlights here with messages from their principal as to why they’re extraordinary!

Frank Turner and Thaddeus Fenton – Oak View Elementary – Janitors

Mr. Turner and Mr. Fenton have been pulled in so many directions at Oak View, however, they respond with professionalism and urgency. The extra time and effort they take to help teachers and ensure that our building is pristine are graciously appreciated.

Leslie Wimbley – Shadybrook Elementary – Cafeteria Worker

As a first-year Child Nutrition Manager, Mrs. Wimbley has shown a great deal of perseverance and leadership. She is always willing to go above and beyond to assist with our school efforts.

Kecia Metoyer – Pruette SCALE Academy – Janitor

Ms. Metoyer performs well beyond her job duties and exhibits a commitment to creating positivity throughout our building. She ensures we are ready to receive children and visitors daily with consistent environmental services. We are more prepared to engage our students in teaching and learning because of the work and positive attitude of Ms. Metoyer. As a new Principal, I am humbled by her work ethic and proud to call her a teammate!

Danielle Lapole – Shadybrook Elementary – Data Manager

As our new Data Manager, Mrs. Lapole has been doing an outstanding job of completing and submitting required reports on time, assisting with essential data collection, and providing top-notch customer service to our families. She is a hard worker and a true team player! We are so happy to have her at our school!

John Devonmille – The Middle College at GTCC High Point – School Counselor

Mr. Devonmille is very passionate about the students at the MC at GTCC High Point.  He is invested in seeing our students succeed and works hard to establish meaningful relationships with our families.

Sheryl Crowell – Southwest Guilford High School – Janitor

Ms. “Sheryl” is well known to all of the students in the school and home community. She has built strong relationships with the students and they trust her even when they are having a difficult time. Because of her connections in the neighborhood, they have great respect for her in and outside the school building. They go to her when they need support which creates more trusted adults in the building. She is more than just one of our custodial staff, she is a true bridge to our students’ school and home community.

Cindy Anderson – Ferndale Middle School – Teaching Assistant

Ms. Anderson goes above and beyond daily to help her students. She waits with any FMS students who arrive early to school and is the epitome of a true team player. She has a tremendous impact on our students and is an asset to our school.

Susannah Fleming – Oak View Elementary – School Counselor

Mrs. Fleming is the heartbeat of Oak View. Anything that she touches is done with professionalism and love. I love how she makes time for any scholar that wants to talk with her about anything. Her positivity is such a blessing.

Audrey Smith – Shadybrook Elementary School – School Treasurer

Mrs. Smith works tirelessly to help ensure that our school runs smoothly and efficiently. She does so much work behind the scenes every single day to support our daily operations. She assists with finding subs for staff, distributing afternoon snacks to our tutoring students, completing payroll, and overseeing local, state, & federal budgets. She is truly a jack of all trades

Aleshia Taylor – Montlieu Academy of Technology – Specials Teacher

Ms. Taylor is a new addition to our team this year but she has worked diligently to build great relationships with scholars and staff. She has done an excellent job exposing scholars to various cultures around the world through her art lessons. Within her lessons, she not only creates meaningful and exciting opportunities but also finds ways to make literacy and math come to life within her instruction. She is a true pleasure to work with. We are so grateful she is a part of the Montlieu family!

Denorris Best – Welborn Academy of Science & Technology – Athletic Coaches

Mr. Best is one of our Academic Coaches but also serves as the Welborn Athletic Director. He works tirelessly to ensure that all of our teams have what they need to compete effectively. He is at all events and ensures that we have a quality program at Welborn.

Shelly West – Oak View Elementary – Cafeteria Worker

Mrs. West arrives before the break of dawn and stays late into the afternoon to ensure that our scholars have a nutritious meal. Her energy is infectious and puts an immediate smile on your face.

Jonathan Owens – Welborn Academy of Science & Technology – Librarians & Media Specialists

Mr. Owens is at the forefront of supporting our 1 to 1 initiative in the building. He maintains a fabulous school website and is the lead technology staff member in the building.

Sarah Fitzgerald – Oak View Elementary – School Social Worker

Mrs. Fitzgerald’s tireless commitment to the scholars, staff, and families of Oak View has helped in so many ways during the pandemic. Her listening ear and urgency to help others who are in need truly show her passion to serve people.

Cynthia Hundley – Montlieu Academy of Technology – Cafeteria Worker

Cynthia Hundley, affectionately known as Ms. CeCe to all scholars and staff, is the true epitome of a team player that is always willing to go above and beyond to ensure the needs of our scholars are met. We can always count on her to have a warm smile and a giving heart. She is always willing to do what’s necessary to ensure that no child goes hungry and, for that, we are truly grateful.

Patricia Wallace – Shadybrook Elementary – School Social Worker

Mrs. Wallace consistently and graciously goes above and beyond to assist our families. I have watched her work tirelessly to assist families in need with things from food, transportation, housing, etc. What impresses me even more, is the fact that Mrs. Wallace is split between two schools but she still takes the time to connect with families on a very personal level to ensure they are provided with a world-class experience.

Aljariq Lee – Welborn Academy of Science & Technology  – Janitor

Mr. Lee is our lead custodian.  He has worked above and beyond to ensure that our building is clean, and sanitized daily.  He is one of the first in the building daily and one of the last to leave in the evening. Along with managing his custodial team, Mr. Lee assists with student and staff needs.  He is a joy to have in our building.